February 20, 2019

Do you long to speak your truth?

The Truthteller flower essence blend can help you:

  • Be more direct, forthright and bold in both your communications and actions.
  • Cut through fear and dissolve blockages + self-limiting patterns around speech, communication and using your voice.
  • Confidently project your voice, awakening your fearlessness and readiness to stand up for ourselves + others.


Truthteller Lotuswei flower essence elixir blend essences

Infused with a bouquet of the most powerful flowers for speaking your truth, this powerhouse blend helps us be more confident to ask for exactly what we want, without fears, hesitations or insecurities about whether or not you "deserve" it. It allows us to be driven by our conviction + wish to benefit others and go after the things we've been "just thinking" about going after. It strengthens our ways of expression that enhances engagement with others and gives us courage to speak freely about what's inside of us.⠀

truthteller Lotuswei flower essence elixir blend essences

Read on to discover more about the flower + gem magic in our Truthteller Collection!


If you're attracted to the Black Bat Flower, you may be adapting too much—going with the flow too often—when what's truly necessary is for you to speak your mind and state your case clearly. Or there may be someone in your life who needs your support—a child, animal, co-worker—who may not be able to speak for themselves, and needs your help. Advocating for yourself or others may be in order.

We only experience wariness of this flower when we’re afraid of the power behind our own anger. Black Bat Flower helps us discover the sources of our deepest anger and fears in a way we can see repeating patterns, thereby gaining insight + the ability to respond wisely. It shows us how to use the energy of anger for beneficial use, turning it into courage and strength.

Anger, though not a pleasant emotion, can teach us when others have crossed the line. It's okay to bare your teeth when necessary.  

Black Bat Flower’s special quality harnesses the power of anger, dissolving the violent qualities and transforming it into elegance, or anger that’s purely motivated by fierce compassion and protection of what we love. It helps us project ourselves and our voice, awakening our fearlessness and readiness to be our own best advocate, protector and to stand up for ourselves and others. 



If you're attracted to the Royal Poinciana flower, there may be times that you keep quiet or settle for less than exactly what you want. You may feel shy or hesitant, or beat around the bush. If you don't get what you want, you may feel apathetic, thinking to yourself, "Oh well, next time."

Royal Poinciana flower enhances certitude, assurance and confidence. It eliminates doubt and hesitation by awakening clarity and an earnest conviction about the choices we make.

It helps us to go out on a limb and request things we normally wouldn't request. Instead of being nervous or feeling like we're "making a big deal," Royal Poinciana allows us to feel we deserve the best and more—and gives us the strength to go after it.

This fiery flower essence also helps us with boundary setting, making sure we don't play small or get taken advantage of. It encourages us to be direct, forthright and bold in both our communications and actions. It helps us be more in tune with our wildest aspirations and awakens a deep conviction that we can make them real.



If you’re attracted to the Trumpet Vine flower, you may be struggling to speak with ease. You may feel blocked in the throat or hesitant in your speech. Perhaps you need to have a difficult conversation that you’ve been avoiding, or you tend to avoid difficult conversations altogether.

Being drawn to Trumpet Vine usually indicates a general fear of speaking and public speaking. You may want to develop your singing voice and your vocal projection.

The Trumpet Vine flower dissolves blockages and self-limiting patterns regarding speech and communication. It cuts through fears of speaking up while magnifying our ability to speak freely about what’s inside us, even if it’s a difficult conversation.

Trumpet Vine also helps us develop and refine our singing voice. It enhances our comfort with being heard and being seen by other people, and even by large audiences.



If you’re attracted to the Grevillea flower, you may have a tendency to hold back your words for fear of hurting someone’s feelings. You may have clear insights that don’t get expressed for fear of appearing too brash or direct.

Grevillea gives us the courage to speak up and say directly things that we would usually hold back. It eradicates the habit of hesitation, and we find ourselves with the ability to deliver a clear message and shoot straight from the hip.

It helps us come of out of our shell and express ourselves, without fear of how someone else will feel about it. When we’re able to freely communicate and express our truth without fear of hurting another person’s feelings, we can cut to the chase, evolving our relationships faster, and feeling more authentic in everyday interactions.

Once we learn to be direct and honest in our communications, people trust us more. Oftentimes, they actually don’t respond in the negative way we imagine they will; our sheer transparency is refreshing and creates more elasticity and spaciousness in our exchanges with them.


aquamarine gem essence


In each of our blends, we also add one gemstone elixir! Each gemstone is carefully chosen to further enhance + magnify the effects of the flower alchemy. Associated with the throat area, Aquamarine helps us articulate our truths with clarity and conviction.It eradicates the fear of speaking up when faced with confrontation or when boundaries have been crossed. Known as a stone of justice, it gives us the courage to be fearless in our communication.



These are two flower elixirs that we feel are so important, we put them in every formula we make! We infuse blend with Pink Lotus (wisdom + insights) and Yarrow (re-energize after being on cell phone/computer). Pink Lotus is also a "catalyst flower essence," strengthening and boosting the synergistic effects of every blend.


Infused with Cardamom, Cedar and Douglas Fir, the aromatherapy of Truthteller is reminiscent of a sweetly spiced coniferous forest.


Truthteller Lotuswei flower essence elixir blend essences aura mist essential oil

When to Use Truthteller

  • Before speeches or presentations—especially if you have a fear of public speaking
  • Communication issues are blocking you from getting what you want
  • You're frustrated or angry and not sure how to express those intense emotions
  • You're avoiding saying what needs to be said
  • To sustain/strengthen your speaking or singing voice

What You Will Experience

  • Being more confident to ask for exactly what you want, without fears, hesitations or insecurities about whether or not you "deserve" it
  • Refusing to allow any mundane policies, gatekeepers, naysayers, or small thinkers to say no or create obstacles to achieving what you want
  • Going after the things you've been "just thinking" about going after
  • Allowing yourself to be driven by your conviction and your wish to benefit others
  • Dismissing negative thinking on your part or anyone else's
  • Feeling effortlessness communication even during difficult conversations
  • Noticing yourself singing more often


Truthteller Lotuswei flower essence elixir blend essences bath salt essential oil

What People Are Saying

"I LOVE the Truthteller Anointing Oil SO much! The smell is amazing and it’s now become a part of my process when getting ready to give a reading. I place a little on my throat and envision my throat chakra opening, expanding, and balancing. It’s so soothing and works like a charm! I’ve been finding it easier to just deliver the intuitive information I receive without questioning myself. I even bought a rollerball necklace so I can carry this oil around with me at all times and I’m getting ready to order my 2nd bottle. If you are in need of some support of speaking your truth and reclaiming your voice, GET. THIS. OIL!!!!" —Libby

"The Truthteller Mist was a catalyst in me speaking my truth for the first time in 30 years in several key relationships in my life. I had the courage to speak the truth while rooted firmly in love and the results of these conversations were so beautiful and transformational. Highly recommend this!" —L. Mitchell

"I love the Truthteller Mist. I had no idea the mist could be so powerful! I usually hold back or beat around the bush when I have to talk about things I know someone else may not agree with, but I have sprayed the mist before going around certain family members and it really helped me just say what I wanted to say and speak my truth, my beliefs on certain topics. I usually agree with everyone and respect everyone else's opinion even when I don't agree and hide what I have to say because I know they won't like it, but Truthteller helped me just be me. They didn't react any negative way they more stood in awe of my point of view, which was a little shocking. It's nice to be able to speak up and stop playing small. LOVE Truthteller!! This mist and Boundless Wisdom are my top two so far!!" —Rosemary Benitez

"I have a tendency to hold my tongue and it causes me a good amount of turmoil and anxiety/depression. I was able to finally have some really tough conversations and I felt the clarity and confidence I needed to speak my mind in an authentic and compassionate manner. Just ordered another bottle of the elixir until I feel like I can continue to speak up on my own." —Tiffani S.

"I found this elixir really helped me tackle difficult conversations at work with more confidence and authenticity. I was able to embrace some leadership qualities around having hard conversations and being able to speak up in meetings and share my perspective in ways I struggled to do before. I can't wait to pair this with Expansive Presence to help me more fully move into the areas of leadership I am aiming for in my career." —Erin

"WOW! Speaking my Truth has been a lifelong challenge for me, but I finally decided it was time to work through that so I ordered this elixir and it definitely opened me up! I advocate for myself now, and engage in vulnerable conversations that I would've previously avoided. I especially appreciate how taking this elixir has led me to situations where I can see and experience its benefits. It feels like it's giving me opportunities and encouragement to practice using my voice, which while still scary sometimes, is also greatly appreciated. If you struggle with authentic communication, I definitely recommend this elixir!" —Ashley


Truthteller Lotuswei flower essence elixir blend essences

In Essence

Magnifies: Fearless speech; expression that enhances engaging with others; ability to speak freely about what's inside you; effortless communication even during difficult conversations; enhanced singing voice

Dissolves: Fears around speaking your truth; suppression of anger and frustration; communication issues; avoidance of saying what needs to be said


Love + flower petals,