February 02, 2018

Do you feel stuck or tend toward extremes?

Date Palm flower helps you:

  • Think in a different way and expand your perspective.
  • Connect with other people while maintaining healthy boundaries.
  • Dissolve the habit of going to extremes such as being careless or caring too much.
Date Palm is found in our Gamechanger blend

Collection Story

The first time I saw a Date Palm tree flowering, I remember thinking that the pollen could be collected for a face powder. The massive cluster of thousands of flowers was so thick with silky pollen, that I felt a visceral sense of how rich and abundant we are on Mother Earth.

I remember making the Date Palm flower essence, going through my usual process and it just wasn’t working. I kept hitting walls and getting stuck. It was almost as if the plant was forcing me to try something new, to break the mold and find a new way. So I sat for a while and let go of my agenda and usual ways of doing things. I sat still and relaxed for a while, opening myself up to a new way. In that moment the flood gates opened and I feltunstuck, expansive and creative. It was clear that this was one of the major aspects of the date palm flower: opening to a completely new—and effortless—way of doing things.

Date Palm Flower LOTUSWEI flower essences

What It Reveals

If you're attracted to the Date Palm flower, you may be going to an extreme in your way of thinking in a particular area of your life, taking an approach that is either too uptight or too relaxed. 

Indications of going to the extreme of "too rigid" would be worrying too much about what others think, feeling overly responsible, feeling contracted or tense, or holding back. These habits can result in feeling constricted or having difficulties breathing or tension in general. This level of tension creates the habit of holding back, suppression or attachment. 

Indications of the other extreme of "too loose" would be a lack of discipline & boundaries or carelessness. It may involve enmeshment with others, such as merging too much with others to the point of non-productivity, losing yourself or ignoring your own needs. It can also manifest as living in the clouds or lacking a clear plan or structure.

One example of too rigid would be a Western medical doctor who refuses to open his mind to any other healing modalities, who demonstrates an unwillingness to consider other viewpoints regarding wellness. An example of too loose would be a person that constantly searches for higher states of being through drugs or spiritual practices, to the point of being negligent of daily responsibilities.

In our own lives the extremes may not play out as obviously as the above examples, but we can look at how we approach what’s important to us in our lives and determine when we tend toward either extreme. These kinds of extremes can play out in a variety of situations, such as work, love relationships, food or lifestyle habits and belief systems.

When playing an instrument, the tension of the strings has to be in the middle—just right—to play beautiful music, not too loose or too tight.  There isn't always perfect balance; we may find ourselves on opposite ends of the spectrum in different areas of our lives. The key is to be aware of when we tend toward an extreme. Even instruments need to be continually tuned.

Date Palm Flower LOTUSWEI flower essences

What It Catalyzes

Activate: Freedom from extremes
Message: Shift the paradigm.

Just as the Date Palm requires both male and female trees to procreate, its flower teaches us to find the balance between two extremes and that the fruits of our labor arise when there is a meeting in the middle. The Date Palm flower helps us find a middle ground between linear thinking and non-linear thinking, allowing a sense of childlike wonder while maintaining a sense of responsibility and purpose.

Date Palm flower helps us understand the middle ground between any kind of extremes, helpful for group projects or teamwork situations in which creative solutions are needed. Date flower helps us think in a different way than before, expanding our perspectives, encouraging aha moments and finding solutions that serve everyone.

In relationships, Date flower enhances a desire to connect with other people while simultaneously having a healthy understanding of one’s own needs. At work it balances the extremes of the tension and constriction of feeling overly responsible with the extreme of being careless or lacking discipline or boundaries.

The quality of the Date Palm flower is the experience of feeling carefree, dissolving the habit of going to extremes such as being careless or caring too much. It helps us to experience a sense of freedom and spaciousness, from which new ideas, innovations and ways of doing things can arise.


Fun Flower Facts

Date palms (Phoenix dactylifera) are over 50 million years old—so old that no one really knows their origination! Date Palm trees are dioecious, which means that half of the trees are female and half are male. The male tree has enormous clusters of flowers that do not produce fruit, but they are loaded with pollen. The wind blows the pollen from the male trees onto the female trees, resulting in pollination.

When the female flowers are pollinated, those female flowers turn into the delectable little sweet fruits that we know as dates. This relationship is such a wonderful example of our interconnectedness. If it weren’t for the wind and its beautiful pollen-filled breezes, we would not have luscious dates to snack on.

And Date Palms require patience—the male trees don’t reach maturity until after twelve years—only then are they able to produce pollen for pollination. Female date palms fruit about 4–8 years after being planted. The fruits of the date palm tree, or dates, require almost six months to fully ripen!

Once ripe and ready though, they are prolific. A single fully mature female tree will produce 100–250 pounds of dates per year. The Date Palm tree has been on the planet for a long time informing one of its defining qualities: a sense of timelessness and euphoria. 

Date Palm Flower LOTUSWEI flower essences

What People Are Saying

"I think some elixirs work like a lock and key suiting some more perfectly than others, and this one’s mine. I’m a pretty uptight, anxious person, a bit too much of a clean freak and possess too strong a desire to constantly have an empty “inbox.” Date Palm elixir really helped me just be. It worked in a quiet way—not that I was forgetting responsibilities, but I was just a lot less uptight and no longer fretting about not having a perfectly empty inbox. I could leave things til tomorrow or just let things go, not have it bother me and I was able to be in the present. I liked the elixir so much, I got another!" —Joan

"This awesome elixir is delivering in terms of opening up to question old patterns! I’ve been keeping it away from technology and being consistent taking it 4-5 times a day. I’m actively engaging in some personal excavation and feel supported and strengthened by Date Flower." —Heather M.

In Essence

Magnifies: Freedom from extremes; sense of timelessness and freedom; balance between linear thinking vs. non-linear thinking; finding new approaches to the way you’ve done things before; expanding your paradigm, thinking way outside the box

Dissolves: Extremes of being overly responsible, worrying too much what others think; tension, holding back, suppressing or swallowing pain; extremes of carelessness, lack of awareness, lack of responsibility; desire to live in fantasy world, losing yourself, lack of structure

The Date Palm flower essence blend is found in our Gamechanger blend.

Infused with a bouquet of the most powerful flowers for being, Gamechanger is, you guessed it, gamechanging! It transforms the areas of our lives where we feel heavy or stagnant and brings in a new sense of freedom, weightlessness and effortlessness. By inspiring us to cut the crap & streamline, it helps us look at our lives & projects as a joyful celebration.

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Love + flower petals,