August 25, 2017

Do you feel like you are standing at a crossroads?

The Clock Vine flower essence helps you tap into your courage so you can:

  • See clearly and be completely honest + self-accepting of your experiences.
  • Show others what you are experiencing on the deepest levels.
  • Allow things to fall apart in order to reassemble them into a new configuration that's more aligned.
Clock Vine is also found in our Open Heart blend


Clock vine Open heart Lotuswei flower essence elixir blend essences

Collection Story

I collected this flower essence at the Naples Botanical Garden in Florida. Along with participating in some of the 10-year garden future strategy meetings, I collected seven new flower essences. With me was Taylor, our creative director of marketing, documenting the flowers going into our collection. When it came time for Clock Vine, she had an especially powerful aversion to this flower, but after taking its essence, experienced some radical shifts in her life. You can more about her experience here.

What It Reveals

If you find yourself attracted to the Clock Vine flower, you may be ready to see or unleash a part of you that is very deep inside your heart. There may be something bubbling inside you that you've not previously wanted to see or face, because it might require some sort of discomfort.And yet, there is also a part of you that is so totally ready for a big change—a bolder expression of you, a more expansive manifestation of all you have to offer in this life, that requires you to fully look at what's been previously hidden.

You may also be sensing that you are standing at a crossroads, choosing between two very different paths to take. Or you may have the feeling that you are standing at a doorway, knowing full well that if you step through it, you will feel a grander acceptance of gifts and abundance.

Along with knowing this movement forward will create a fuller capacity of who you are + who you are to be in this life, you may be feeling fearful of what you would be required to change or leave behind. You may not even be able to see the full expression of you yet, because it is beyond your current imagination or patterning, but you can sense that is it there + you are being asked to step toward or into it.


What It Catalyzes

Activate: Vulnerability
Message: Reveal yourself.

The Clock Vine flower enhances our ability to be completely honest + self-accepting of whatever our experience is, and when the time is right, be open to showing others what it is we are experiencing on the deepest levels. It magnifies our ability to let things fall apart + disassemble, in order to reassemble them into a new order—one that's more aligned with our highest potential. It helps us tap bravery + courage to look fearlessly at our lives, and where there is misalignment, be able to do something about it.

We may not know what it is or fully understand it, but that which is bubbling up within us gains a direct channel through our heart. We are able to "take out our guts and put them on the table"—for ourselves to see + be with as well as have the bravery to allow our closest loved ones to also witness or gain a window into what's happening deep within us. We see more clearly whatever it is that we have not been confronting within ourselves.

Clock Vine flower gives us the power, strength, vulnerability, "real-ness," rawness + openness to make big, bold changes that will catapult us forward. It helps us have difficult conversations and see the big picture of what's next.

Fun Flower Facts

Native to southern India, the Indian Clock Vine (Thunbergia mysorensis) is considered to be one of the most beautiful flowering vines in the world. Growing in the tropical forests near Mysore, at elevations of almost 3,000 feet, it boasts bright yellow + maroon flowers with red petal tips. The vine grows up to 20 feet long and has sweet nectar that attracts hummingbirds + sunbirds. Because of its bright colors + fun shape, it is also known as brick & butter vine, lady’s slipper vine, dolls’ shoes + the Mysore trumpet vine. It makes an excellent addition to any tropical or warm-climate garden, pergola or greenhouse, blooming from spring through fall.

What People Are Saying

"I felt very drawn to this elixir. I found I experienced many breakthroughs while taking this, identifying many old patterns and wounds and found myself in many instances less fearful of vulnerability. I felt safer to express in the truest sense how I felt in relationships and to be seen more and more publicly more openly as who I am and for what makes me so unique. Lovely and thank you." —CM

"I heard about this elixir from a LOTUSWEI newsletter and after connecting with Taylor. It was such a powerful elixir and really helped me to heal shame I hold onto, just like the description says it 'dissolves the fear that what's inside is scary/ugly.' It felt so serendipitous that I took the elixir when I did, and I am able to be more vulnerable around people I trust and I am received. I am greatly enjoying this flower essence journey and I love setting intentions before I start taking an elixir and writing down wild and magical things that I notice that happen while I am taking them." —Lisa A.

"So grateful to this little flower essence. I was attracted to this shade of red, and the way the flower leans open in the photo—and on the vine—and that it helps with feeling more open, helps you leave behind 'worry about not having enough time' and 'dissolves the fear that what's inside is scary/ugly...speak our mind.' I used this elixir with the Boom Mist Collection (Inner Peace, Truthteller, and Full Bloom especially). The changes happened subtly and pretty quickly. I felt way more expressive within just a couple days, and then, I felt much more willing to sit with the things I had been afraid of before. I became conscious of the ways in which I hide from feeling and being vulnerable with others and myself—eating and hurrying around—and became more forgiving, gentle, and open with myself. I found myself being vulnerable without knowing how it would land—and feeling more 'alive,' the more I did this. Within a month I was much more comfortable with feeling and truths I hadn't been wanting to feel before—and that's created so much change. Thank you so much for this beautiful flower elixir! Will be connecting with it again someday." —Dasha

"I had just finished moving the email requesting me to write a review into my trash box, and started reading the information about Clock Vine sent by LOTUSWEI, when ... I suddenly realized that today I experienced a deep breakthrough supported by Clock Vine. So, I dug out the review link, and here I am! This evening a bantering conversation with my mate unintentionally triggered a deep wound. When I turned inward to breathe and experience what was present, I was transported back to a specific childhood experience. In the felt sense of this memory I was aware, for the first time, of how I had interpreted this experience to indicate that there was something wrong with me at the core and especially wrong with my expression. Even though I know what happened was not meant that way, I realized that I had internalized shame and distrust of my own expression. I saw how this has led to doubt and suppression of my evolving process of growth throughout my life. I walked outside to be on the earth, look into the starry sky, and breathe. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I felt the energy in my upper chest, shoulders and neck shifting. I felt (and feel) tremendous gratitude, for the awareness that now I DO know how to allow my natural process—at least, I am learning. I DO trust myself to be in that process, and I am strong enough in my own center to be with my own process of growth and evolution, even when it doesn't feel or look balanced, even when those around me aren't comfortable with it. This brings a deep sense of self-love and compassion. I can now see clearly how funny it is to expect myself to arrive at polished expression that will be pleasing to the world without a process that might be messy at times—just like baking a cake! When I read about Clock Vine, I realized that this subtle awareness freeing my expression was supported by this beautiful flower. Thank you!" —C.K.


Clock vine Open heart Lotuswei flower essence elixir blend essences

In Essence

Magnifies: Revealing the deepest parts of yourself; direct channel from your heart; fearless, raw vulnerability

Dissolves: Fear of being exposed or vulnerable; pride, aloofness, pretenses; fear of others seeing something about you that is ugly or scary

open heart LOTUSWEI flower essence blend elixir
The Clock Vine flower essence is also found in our Open Heart blend

Infused with a flower essences for vulnerability, freedom & heart alignment, Open Heart helps us dive deep into vulnerability, seeing the truth, slowing down enough to address what IS—and having the energy to maintain a child-like curiosity with even the most challenging aspects of our lives.

Love + flower petals,