September 30, 2022

Have you felt any of the following recently?

  • Feeling stuck or unable to express yourself
  • Overwhelmed by heightened emotions
  • Loneliness or lack of connection 
  • 'Going with the flow' too much or overworking unnecessarily
  • Guilty about making yourself a priority
  • Holding back or playing small
  • Avoidance of communication or intense emotions
  • Being attached to outcomes 
  • Savior complex: desire to save, fix or 'help' others
  • Foggy, dull or scattered mind  
If any of this resonates with you SACRED AWARENESS is for you.


Western Prairie Fringed Orchid

If you are drawn to the Fringed Orchid, you may be ready for a new kind of communication—one that does not require words. You may often feel that verbal interactions are limiting or that there is some way you’re not connecting. You may feel that despite verbal communication, there are barriers to deep understanding or that you sometimes don’t understand people or their motivations, especially if they are "different" from you.

Rather than feel like you are spinning your wheels or trying too hard to connect, you would prefer a more effortless way to communicate. You are prepared to listen more deeply to a more intuitive perception that allows for instant insights. You are becoming more open to your ability to sense the needs of a person, place or group collective, and the Fringed Orchid shows us a new capacity to do just that.

The rare and special Fringed Orchid opens us up to tap into the subtle electrical energetic systems of individuals, groups, communities and locations, allowing for a swift exchange of energy and understanding. It enhances our capacity to communicate energetically, increasing input and output strength for a more profound positive impact.

Our ability to get instant insights into a person, group, collective or place is magnified. It is an instant knowing-ness that arises, and so clear that we can take immediate action without hesitation. Suddenly, we know what to do. We know what to say. We know how to act. It may be very different than what we’re used to doing. We may quickly realize that we can moderate our behavior to be what each individual we are faced with needs in that very moment. We become more aware of an effortless perceptiveness and knowing-ness of what others need in order to feel nourished. We connect to others with much more ease, saying or doing exactly what is needed for true connection and intimacy.


Stream Orchid

If you find yourself attracted to the Stream Orchid, there are two possible reasons for that: First, you may have something in your heart that has gone unexpressed. This doesn't mean that you have to tell people your painful story, simply that there is energy stuck in your throat that you can get unstuck by singing, humming, groaning, shouting, chanting, etc.

The second reason you may be attracted to the Stream Orchid is if it’s time to explore the healing power of sound - particularly with your voice. You may be curious about the power of your voice through song, expression, words or chanting. Whether as a public speaker, a podcaster or a teacher, you may want to use your voice as a means to create a positive impact in the world.

Stream Orchid cleanses our speech energies and activates our throat chakra. It helps us notice and purge certain speech patterns that are not beneficial and releases any stuck energy in the throat. It can even effortlessly release patterns of shyness, frustration, holding back, pain, suffering and even violation through the throat.

It helps us more deeply understand the healing qualities of sound, and makes us more aware of the effects of different sounds on ourselves, others and the environment. It enhances our ability to be better listeners as well as more aware of the effects of our vocal expression. It expands our potential as healers + change-makers by helping us explore the ability of sound to expand our auras. We also become more aware of the healing power of the sounds in our environment, such as birds, insects, frogs and cicadas.


Bee Orchid

The collective is passing through a time of immense purification, which can lead to overwhelm and confusion (for more reasons than one and from differing perspectives). Some of us may even feel that the fabric of society is rocky or unsafe. We may feel uncomfortable or that our emotions are more heightened than usual. We may experience an intensified dualism—that there is an enemy "out there"—or that there are aspects (or enemies) within ourselves that we haven’t wanted to look at.

Bee Orchid fosters our capacity to be with intense emotions and face challenges head on. We experience a heightened sense of familial love and interconnectedness with others that helps us look within and experience steadiness during intensity of emotion. It helps us learn from each other, see ourselves reflected in others and be able to cherish one another. We become more aware of what we value in life and what we want to protect.


Coralroot Orchid

If you’re drawn to the Coralroot Orchid, you may at times experience the desire to save others. You may feel the desire to convince them of something for their benefit -- or to fix or solve a problem for them -- that perhaps they don’t even see.

You may experience the tension of inner struggle or wanting a loved one to see things differently, to realize, wake up or have more clarity about something. When you’re in this mode, you may feel critical of yourself or others or not be able to simply accept them as they are. Alternatively, you may go into convincing or evangelizing mode, which may stem from a feeling of being powerless or helpless.

Coralroot Orchid helps us reconnect to our sincere divine nature without desire to sway anyone’s opinion. It dissolves attachment to wanting to change, fix, or save. It helps us see that the only antidote to any problems we observe, is to devote ourselves to our own personal growth and spiritual path, which over time, ultimately and effortlessly stimulates the conditions for change around us.

Coralroot Orchid helps us be nourished by the divine/our divine nature so there is nothing to be done, efforted, argued or positioned. The tension of wanting someone to realize something disappears. We’re more able to lighten up, trust and experience joy, because there is no “work to be done.” If we are directing our energy to our own spiritual paths, it is creating the causes for future realization and positive impact, AKA the only way to truly benefit others or create awakening in the world is to awaken oneself.

It does not rely on hashtags, movements or “efforting” externally. It does not rely on converting others to see things your way. Rather than focusing on others’ behavior, Coralroot shows us how to turn toward purifying our own self-limiting habits and patterns. We can let go of struggling and striving. In that release of tension, we become more aware of the true depth and subtlety of reality.


Venus Flytrap

If you’re attracted to Venus Flytrap, you may have a tendency to get caught in the busy-ness of day-to-day activities, when what’s most needed is to align your actions with your biggest, most important priorities.

There may be too much ‘going with the flow’ that lacks clarity of direction, when what’s most needed is for you to put your hands on the wheel and take charge. However, this kind of taking charge is ‘from the inside out’. You’ll be feeling your way through it, just as the Venus Flytrap senses the stimulus that lands into its pod.

Venus Flytrap inspires us to rest in stillness and get crystal clear on what we want + what our priorities are. From there we can match our actions with our priorities, or create the right conditions to attract what we want. We’re no longer engaged in busy-ness, we don’t have to go out searching to ‘make it happen’ - the conditions we’ve created attract what we need.

Once we’ve created these conditions, when the right opportunity arises (one that feels like a TEN), we snap into electric action without hesitation. We can take advantage of right timing with confidence, clarity, immediacy and laser focus.


Taiwanese Azalea

If you’re attracted to the Taiwanese Azalea (Rhododendron oldhamii), you may have felt stuck in the weeds, unable to rise above or see how to move out of a situation. You may have felt overwhelmed, stagnant or short-sighted in terms of what’s possible in a certain area of your life. You may be cutting yourself short or limiting possibilities without even knowing it, unable to see outside a narrow point of view.

You may have felt guilty making yourself and your desires a priority. You may have felt that there’s only one way to do things -- and that way appears laborious and tiresome, involving a certain shade of self-sacrifice or grueling sense of obligation or trudging through the mud. You may be feeling like what you want is unattainable

The Taiwanese Azalea inspires prolific creative awareness of the multiplicity of ways to attain our wishes. It helps move to higher ground to see things from a broader perspective. The moment we think we have something figured out, we discover something else. It enhances our ability to be open to new ways of thinking. It lightens and brightens our mindstream, facilitating ideas effortlessly.

It helps us recognize that wanting things for ourselves and the world is not selfish, and that we can go after what we want without holding back. It gives us the courage to put action toward the highest vision of what we want and know that we deserve it. We’re more willing to go out on a limb; we become happy and inspired by putting ourselves out there, generously engaging with others. We realize that our highest creative expression serves the world as a profound offering; therefore, there is no reason to feel guilt, selfishness or hold back in our endeavors. We get more in touch with the wild, weird, beautiful and magical world that we live in and want to explore it.


Blue Penstemon

If you feel attracted to the Blue Penstemon flower, at times you may feel somewhat lonely or left out because you feel different from the mainstream. You may feel a longing for higher forms of communication, deeper connections with others and true emotional intimacy. You may long to surround yourself with people with whom you can truly be yourself. You may wish for a community whose inherent value is thoughtfulness and openness to viewpoints and perspectives.

Blue Penstemon dissolves loneliness and fear of missing out or being left behind. We experience a deeper sense of connection with people around us whose values align with our own. We feel freer to be matter-of-fact, down-to-earth and speak our truth with unabashed fearlessness and intimacy.

Our ability to be aware and considerate of the multiplicity of circumstances around us is heightened. Our bird’s eye perspective is amplified, yet we can also zoom into the details when necessary. We experience a heightened awareness of when things are in or out of alignment and can take action accordingly.



These are two flower elixirs that we feel are so important, we put them in every formula we make! We infuse blend with Pink Lotus (wisdom + insights) and Yarrow (re-energize after being on cell phone/computer). Pink Lotus is also a "catalyst flower essence," strengthening and boosting the synergistic effects of every blend.


Sacred Awareness Mist & Anointing Oil contain Jasmine Grandiflorium, Neroli Absolute, Cacao & Cardamom.

Use When You Feel or Find Yourself: 

  • Foggy, lonely, left out or disconnected 
  • Self-sacrificial, playing small or acting out of obligation
  • Avoiding depth and intimacy in conversations 
  • Being attached to outcomes or limiting possibilities
  • Trying to 'save' someone in some way
  • Unable to express yourself because things get stuck
  • Overwhelmed by intense emotions in yourself or others 

Sacred Awareness encourages:

  • Heightened intuition - you know exactly what to say and when
  • Warmth, familial love & interconnectedness
  • Ability to be unusually direct and inspiring with your words 
  • Swift exchange of energy, understanding & communication
  • Anticipation of loved one's needs 
  • Awareness of your voice, words and singing as a healing force
  • Awakening yourself as the true path of influence 
  • Clarity of purpose, laser focus & divine timing 
  • Ability to be your true self 


MAGNIFIES: Heightened intuition, sensory expression, ability to be direct & inspiring to others or say exactly what needs to be said, multi-channel awareness, healing power of your voice, being able to anticipate loved ones' needs, familial love & learning from others, electric communication, an openness to understand another's perspective, clarity of purpose, divine timing, depth & intimacy in interactions. 

DISSOLVES: Feeling stuck, overwhelmed, lonely, disconnected, unable to express oneself; feeling like you need to change or save someone, a lackadaisical attitude or overworking; self-sacrificial, foggy or stagnant; avoiding depth in interactions and limiting yourself; playing small. 


Love + flower petals,