November 20, 2019

Have you ever had a painful period episode that left you sleeping on the bathroom floor? Or do you suffer from the symptoms common with cysts, fibroids or hormonal imbalances? If so, keep reading. There are flower essences that can help.

The first time it happened to me was two years ago in Singapore.

My body was flipping inside out. I thought I had food poisoning. Diarrhea, vomiting. Cold sweats. Fever. My skin was clammy. I was dizzy. I thought I might pass out.

I was so weak I crawled out of the bathroom on my hands and knees, down the hallway and back to the bedroom. Searing pain shot through the deepest parts of my belly in what seemed like endless waves of cramps. l considered going to the emergency room.

Finally, after hours of hanging on the edge of the next rip-roaring wave of pain, exhausted and physically spent, I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up the next morning and felt like I’d survived some kind of internal warfare. Or a train wreck. It felt miraculous to be alive.

And it didn’t happen again for another few months.

Until I was back in the U.S. ~ with another case of food poisoning. Or so I thought.

And then once again - about six months later.

And then I realized. How is it I was getting food poisoning on the first day of my period every time? And then the dots started to connect ...

I’ve always been one of those women who never experienced not one cramp, nor any sign of PMS, ever! I never understood the women who would be in bed for a week during their period.

Soon after I totally understood, especially as my situation got progressively worse. What I had experienced that first time in Singapore became a regular monthly occurrence.

I started to dread the symptoms that happened on the first day of my period.

I would wake up in the middle of the night and the pain was so bad I would crawl to the bathroom, spending most of the night lying on the cold tile floor.

One night it was so bad I slept the entire night in the hallway. I just couldn’t make it back to my bedroom. I thought I might pass out from the pain.

I felt I could relate to laboring mothers, as I spent hours getting into different positions, trying to relieve the pain in my belly.

That was it. I couldn’t take it anymore.

I doubled down on what had always worked for me in the past: Traditional Chinese Medicine.

After a year of Chinese herbs and acupuncture, I was no longer sleeping on the cold tile floor in the bathroom. The first day of my period was really uncomfortable and I’d spend the day in bed, but it was much more manageable. More like an LA traffic jam than a 10-car pile up. 

And then, guess what?

I started using the Radiant Energy flower essence blend A LOT, because I loved the new scent so much. I find it almost addictive.

It was then that I crossed the finish line into completely pain-free periods!

But of course! Forehead slap. OMG. Duh.

For years, I’d been teaching people that flower essences like Pomegranate regulated cycles and got rid of period cramps.

But because I never saw myself as someone who’d had cramps and … honestly, my situation had gotten so extreme, I didn’t think that the flower essences could help in such a case. I was wrong.

Traditional Chinese Medicine got me most of the way there, but still with discomfort.

Then flower essences eased me into the realm of totally effortless periods again.

Now I wonder, what would’ve happened if I’d just immediately turned toward my own flower essence toolkit and used Radiant Energy flower essence from the get go? I might’ve saved myself some time getting poked with needles and gulping back Chinese herbs. I am a HUGE fan of Chinese Medicine and will recommend it any day, but isn’t it ironic that the remedy I needed most was literally outside my bedroom window, in the form of a pomegranate flower?

I asked my team if anyone else had stories about Radiant Energy flower essence and here’s what I got:

I’ve never had a regular cycle. I sometimes go 2-3 months without a period! After using the Radiant Energy Serum for a few weeks, my cycle miraculously regulated to once a month! All I do is rub the serum on my belly after I get out of the shower. Fun fact: I think the flower magic also syncs me up with the moon!

I’ve had light periods due to hormonal imbalance. I get really painful cramps where the pain radiates down my legs. For the past couple of months I have been using Radiant Energy Serum with a few drops of Infinite Love Anointing Oil and giving myself a “sun moon” abdominal massage by interlocking my fingers and going in a clockwise motion. This has helped ease pain from cramps and has helped regulate my cycle.

I’m pre-menopausal/menopausal. I hadn’t had my period in eight months. I used the Radiant Energy Serum on my belly and Boom! The next day I got my period. It was like reversing the clock!

And another one from one of our photographers:

After having no period for almost two years, after taking Radiant Energy for a month or so, I got a light period. Then 5 weeks later I had a bright, full, normal healthy cycle. I am so grateful to have a healthy cycle again. I have noticed a complete shift emotionally and physically. Being an empath, I also have a much easier time witnessing people and feeling them without feeling as drained.

As women, we hold so much in our wombs. We make babies. We create life.

We magnetize. We receive and process energy. We feel and intuit.

We hold grief. We store emotional pain, whether we are menstruating or not.

So … here’s the magical protocol for balancing, cleansing and nourishing the womb:

Apply Radiant Energy Serum or Anointing Oil to your belly every morning & every evening. That’s it!*

*Note: Not recommended as an acute remedy. If you have cramps today and you apply it ~ not so much relief.

Buuuut, if you use it every day. every day. every day … by the time you get your next period, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Using it daily detoxes you energetically, which works exponentially on your behalf. By the time your next cycle comes around, your body has an easier time cleansing itself.

If you have cysts, fibroids or hormonal imbalances, add Infinite Love Serum or Anointing Oil to the mix for best results.

If you have more significant imbalances OR you are trying to get pregnant, you can take the Radiant Energy flower elixir for more frequent use; otherwise, applying it 1-2 times to the belly is usually sufficient!

Isn’t it amazing that such a simple ritual can liberate us from hours of pain and discomfort?And bring our bodies back into effortless balance, in tune with the Earth and in sync with the Moon?

If you know of any women with painful periods, do them a favor and forward them this blog post. They’ll thank you for it … in about one month. ; ) 

Love + painless periods,