September 06, 2019

How many people have you slept with in the last seven years? Kind of a forward question, I know. 

Did you know that energetically, we exchange EVERYTHING when we have sex with someone? 

All of our thoughts and emotional patterns. Our habitual tendencies. Our beliefs, and even our karmic patterns. 

And the kicker? Having sex with someoneonly once exchanges all of that for seven years! 

Ancient wisdom, meditation masters and flower essence practitioners all agree that, energetically, thisbioenergetic information gets stored in our cells and psyche -- and it is not untilseven years later that all traces of it exit our energetic systems. 

Furthermore, the more we engage sexually with someone, the more we solidify those patterns into our everyday behaviors --we literally change the course of our futures. 

My flower essence teacher used to explain it in terms of music. Maybe your music is Bob Marley. You sleep with someone who’s music is Annie Lennox. Then a few years later you sleep with someone who is Prince. Or classical music. Or Bollywood. 

At a certain point, if you have too many music channels playing in your head, you can no longer discern your own music (your own essence). The point is: when we have too many sexual partners in a short time, our minds become chaotic and confused

Scary, right? 

There is good news though. There is one flower essence that can speed up the energetic detox of our past sexual partners: Pomegranate flower

We’ve been using Pomegranate flower essence in our Radiant Energy blend for many years, because it has the capacity (when used regularly, five times each day), toreduce the time frame of the energetic detox from seven years to one year. 

This means you can clear someone else’s energetic framework out of your system in only one year -- that includes all of the influences that their thoughts, emotions, patterned behaviors (good, bad + ugly) have on you. 

This is a great practice to do at least once in your life, when you want to clear up the energetic residue of the last seven years.  

In break up situations, it also helps us cut the energetic cords faster. But most importantly, it helpsyou be more you, without the influence of a whole other universe of habits and patterns. 

Who we sleep with is a big deal

Yes, there are diseases and pregnancies and all of those serious things in life. 

Aside from that, there is something we can’t see that has an almost greater hold on us, because we can no longer identify it as ‘other’ - it becomes us. We become like our sexual partners. And we have no idea that it’s happening when it’s happening. We believe it’s just ‘us’. 

The fastest way to clear all of that out of our systems is with the help of Mother Nature, specifically Pomegranate flower.

If this resonates with you, it doesn’t matter whether it’s the elixir, mist or anointing oil.

Just choose one, and use it five times each day for one year andbring yourself back to your own essence -- without energetic influences from someone else. 

Curious to know more? Click here. 

Love + flower petals,