November 26, 2021

Have you recently felt any of the following?
  • The need to protect yourself
  • Desire to set boundaries in new ways
  • Overwhelmed by static and distraction
  • Longing to be surrounded by nature
  • Depletion or running yourself ragged
  • Disconnection from your inner wisdom
  • Estranged from people you love
  • Desire to isolate or be alone
  • Feeling prickly, irritable or annoyed
  • Sense of separation, detachment or numbness
  • Yearning for support from the natural world


If you find yourself attracted to the Buckthorn Cholla flower, you may find yourself in a mode of distraction. A sense of static may have you feeling unable to pinpoint a solution to whatever is challenging you in your inner world.

You may have felt prickly or annoyed by external circumstances or environments. You may feel a need to protect yourself from criticism or misunderstanding. You may be tied up in knots of tension, seemingly unable to relax in your current environment, propelling you to go outside or spend more time in nature for solace.



Activate: Inner warmth
Message: Tune in to the natural world.

Buckthorn Cholla flower (Cylindropuntia acanthocarpa) inspires us to listen to the silence within ourselves, reconnecting us to our inner wisdom. In stillness, we can see from horizon to horizon within ourselves and more comfortably sink into the awareness and understanding of the wild world within.

Along with a magnified silence within, we align more acutely with the vibrant, rich silence of the natural world around us, allowing us to absorb nourishment and fulfillment from the Earth. Our awareness is heightened; we tune into a sense of protection and support from the trees, plants, flowers and Earth consciousness. There is a sense of interconnectedness with our surroundings — in a way that cannot be found through words or verbal understanding. We slow down to appreciate the beauty and depth of what’s around us. We allow ourselves to be flooded with the essence of the natural world.

Buckthorn Cholla softens us into an understanding of what’s behind our prickliness or sense of being on pins and needles; we realize it is simply a protective mechanism regarding our own vulnerability. It teaches us that being vulnerable does not have to be a painful release exposing ourselves to others (although that may be a part of it too); it can simply be a quiet, peaceful presence with what is. We’re able to turn toward ourselves and be softly aware of what arises instead of fighting it.

Over time, we can observe synchronicities and see the inter-relationships of people and situations around us. We can explore both the warmth and beauty in ourselves, as well as what it means to have boundaries and protection.

***Highly recommended with this elixir: Spend more time in nature. Sit under a tree. Listen to the birds. Observe the leaves blowing in the breeze. Feel the earth underneath you. Take off your shoes and walk barefoot. Climb a mountain. Get into the forest. Go to a park. Tap into the natural world. Take a cold plunge into a lake or stream. Ask for help from the Earth and the Sky. Watch the sun rise or set and allow your body to feel the full expanse of the sky.



Buckthorn Cholla is a cactus flower that blooms in the Sonoran desert in springtime. It is a sunset orange and yellow-colored flower and the bees love it!

In Essence

MAGNIFIES: Sense of being nourished by silence; Being in tune with the Earth; Connection or interconnectedness; Beauty and warmth; Awareness of synchronicities

DISSOLVES: Feeling prickly, irritable or annoyed Disconnection; Desire for protection; Criticism by oneself or others; Distraction & static


Love + flower petals,