July 05, 2014

I’m so excited to launch L’Apothecary! Now you can bring the energy of Sedona in your home.

This year we helped the L’Auberge de Sedona Resort design an apothecary in their spa and we created an organic line of products using local high-desert ingredients.

L’Auberge is located in Sedona, Arizona, one of the most dramatically gorgeous places in the Southwest, with its red rock panoramas sprinkled with sacred pinon + juniper trees. Known as a magnet for spiritual seekers and traditionally a ceremonial place for Native Americans, Sedona is a lovely, peaceful environment.

sedona sunset panorama

The L’Auberge de Sedona Resort is tucked away into the creek - it’s so peaceful you wouldn’t even know that the town is directly above. The rooms are situated to either give you a breathtaking view of the red rocks, or they're nestled right next the the rushing creek.

Creekside in summertime!

The magic of L’Auberge is all around the creek. As soon as you arrive, the creek calls to you to kick off your sandals and get in. My first time there I was so enchanted, I put on my suit and jumped in the cool water!

Rainbow light on the creek

Something about that brisk clear water, the shimmering of the aspen leaves + the sunshine helps you put your cell phone aside and re-connect with nature + yourself. Suddenly I felt like a child again - I found myself splashing + hopping around the in the cold water.

And the restaurant is right on the edge of the creek - imagine having breakfast listening to the sounds of the creek ... or during a romantic dinner.

Imagine this

Most of the rooms have outdoor showers where you can gaze at the sky while you bathe. Omg, divine, seriously. Let me tell you, between the beautiful hikes, the outdoor showers + the crackling fireplace at night - this was a fun project!

Cedar outdoor showers with sky roof!

After a beautiful collaborative process with the L’Auberge team, we finalized the signature scent for their spa, now called L’Apothecary. Out of respect for the local plants + their wisdom, we chose a particularly special formulation I made with:

– Sacred high-desert oils from the piñon pine + juniper forests
– Rose + lemon (both grow on the property at L’Auberge)
– Aphrodisiac spices of cardamom + black pepper (L’Auberge is known as a place for lovers)

To add an extra boost of energy of Sedona to the scent I made a creek remedy!
On the full moon I gathered the spring-fed creek water into a bowl + left it out to infuse the sunlight and moonlight. Following the lunar cycles has always been important for any kind of alchemy, whether it’s for making the best quality wine, herbal remedies or homeopathic formulas.

The Sedona Oak Creek essence – brings you into the present moment + makes you feel more playful + energetic.

Light-filled Sedona spring-fed creek essence - can you feel it?

We also included flower remedies of:
ROSE: Sweetness, attentiveness, feeling cared for, caring for yourself, protection
ROSEMARY: Psychic awareness, ancient wisdom, mental sharpness, clarity, perception
LEMON BLOSSOM: Pure, childlike perspective, playfulness, fresh awareness

I’ve had so much fun on this project + am delighted to be able to offer you an experience of Sedona, no matter where in the world you live! Bring the energy of Sedona into your space with exquisite high-desert plant oils + flower remedies! And the scent is amazing! Sacred, sensuous + warm.

Available now at L’Apothecary Spa and on our website.

Rosemary flowers on the property - you gotta try the rosemary lemonade! Rose flower remedy in the making Making the L'Apothecary perfume oils Bagging up the L'Apothecary ceremonial bath salts Rose petal bath crystals

Luxuriate in a L’Apothecary Ceremonial Soak, Clarity Scrub, Love Oil, Wisdom Mist, Perfume Oil + Essential Oil Blend for diffusers. If you use any of these regularly, within several days you'll notice that you experience more mindful-awareness, clarity, love + playfulness.

Click here to see the collection I’m so proud of.

L'Apothecary Sedona :: Collection by LOTUSWEI

Love + flower petals,

katie hess flower alchemist